About The Skinny Beet

The Skinny Beet is the collaboration of two chefs who also happen to be a couple. Chudy loosely translates to “Skinny”, and Barszcz translates to “Beet Soup”, hence The Skinny Beet. We live together, we work together and we cook together, and this website is part food blog and part business. We cook for local families, cater weddings and prepare fantastic meals for dinner parties all over town. We firmly believe great food can be made anytime, no matter the size of your kitchen. Sometimes there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but most of the time; two chefs are better than one.

Katie Barszcz had been creating recipes in her Small Boston Kitchen since 2009 when she realized that in the kitchen was where she was happiest. In January 2011, she gave up the glitz and glamor of corporate HR for a shot at a culinary career. After graduating from The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, she has been working as a personal chef, culinary instructor and caterer throughout the Greater Boston area. She loves Dijon mustard, the color blue and rolling her eyes at her loving boyfriend. She prefers cheese to chocolate.

Richard Chudy graduated from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts in 2008 and has been working as a private chef all over Boston. He currently cooks for the Phoenix Club at Harvard University, and has cooked for Ashley Judd and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. He loves cheeseburgers, Rastafarian Banana’s, and quoting obscure television shows from yesteryear. He dislikes walking around barefoot, and favors a Snuggie to a blanket.

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